THT AOI Inspection

Through Hole Technology for assembling electronic circuits is often described as an old fashioned technology that is losing its popularity and being replaced more and more by SMT, surface mount technology. No wonder, as electronic devices where SMT is used are more compact, thinner, lighter, faster and consume less energy. SMT is also much more efficient from an assembly point of view and surface mount device components cost less. Basically the replacement of THT by SMT is nothing recent but has been on-going since  the introduction of SMT in the late 1980s but increased significantly in the last decade. Except for high-power circuitry where SMT is being combined with THT, we can say that MT is the current widely applied assembly technology. Typically, the main focus of most vendors is to invent and develop equipment that is specialized in packaging, placing, solder reflowing, reworking, inspection etc. of SMD parts. Only a small number of vendors are developing and offering THT equipment. This equipment is mainly focused on the soldering part of the assembly process.
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