New Mek PowerSpector AOI technology is launched

Last week at SMT Nuremberg we showed our new generation of AOI technology.

The new Mek AOI systems have several Inspection head options, each using Cameras with large pixel size giving better colour fidelity and improved signal to noise ratio and custom telecentric optics with true colour image processing. Head selection is based on application requirement, position in the process and inspection depth and resolution required. Applications include component only pre-reflow inspection through to multi-camera, multi light source meniscus profiling.
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New AOI Technology Line-up to be unveiled at SMT Nuremberg, booth # 7-419

This week Mek (Marantz Electronics) will be at the SMT Packaging Hybrid show in Nuremberg with our German partner SmartRep GmbH. Here we’ll be launching an entirely new generation of AOI technology to be deployed across a line of new Desktop and In-line inspection machines.

Meks latest PowerSpector Series with FDAz head features an entirely new generation of mechanical, camera, sensor, and software technologies that measurably propel the performance of Mek AOI beyond the norm and create new standards for speed, accuracy and inspection strategy.

The new systems will be unveiled at SMT on the SmartRep GmbH booth # 7-419.  Selected models will be showcased and the SmartRep and Mek technical teams will be on hand for in-depth demonstrations.

We’ll be updating you with more in-depth information on the new technology in the next week or so.

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