Projects Concern Manufacturing installs a fourth Mek AOI system

Mek AOI at Projects ConcernWe’ve recently installed a fourth Mek AOI system at Projects Concern Manufacturing. The Johannesburg based EMS provider commissioned an iSpector HDL with Mek statistical control software including CS Center, Repair and Analyser. The system complements their existing 3 Mek systems.

Established in 1986, Projects Concern are established world class Contracts Engineering Manufacturers servicing the defence, aerospace, industrial, medical, mining, automotive, security and communications sectors, both locally and internationally.

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GN ReSound invests in latest Mek AOI and SPI inspection systems

Mek PowerSpector AOI and SPI machinesWe were recently announced as AOI and SPI manufacturer of choice by GN ReSound, the component manufacturing division of GN ReSound Group, one of the world’s largest provider of hearing instruments and diagnostic audiological instrumentation.

The GN Resound component manufacturing site is based in Praestoe, Denmark, and is responsible for the production of all electronic elements of the company’s products as well as 40% of the plastic parts. Continue reading

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