New entry level, low cost, desktop AOI

iSpector Entry-Level, Low Cost Desktop AOIThe latest generation iSpector desktop AOI from Mek (Marantz Electronics) is designed as an entry-level system for customers with low volume, high mix production requiring high-quality AOI with a low price tag.

Mek’s new desktop solution offers benchtop PCB inspection with exceptional defect coverage.  Providing a rapid, repeatable inspection process at an affordable cost, it’s a plug-and-play installation with iMentor online training and is exceptionally easy-to-program.

iSpector is able to inspect component bodies and solder joints by use of RGB LED light sources from three different angles. This allows 3D meniscus profiling to verify solder joints with low false call rates, accurate tolerance adjustment and amongst the highest defect detection rates in its class.

It utilizes the same powerful 22X software as Mek’s highly respected PowerSpector AOI series. There is no compromise on the wide range of inspection algorithms and component libraries. Complete management of part libraries is possible either on a single AOI system or across multiple machines.

It is fully compatible with Mek’s Catch System for classification, repair and SPC.

The Mek iSpector is currently available in M size (350x250mm) and desktop model only.


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Top-Down? Bottom-Up? Mek SpectorBOX AOI covers it all!

Recent new additions to our ground breaking SpectorBOX AOI system include a massive 5 inch camera clearance that enables complete single pass inspection of virtually any assembly.

Mek SpectorBOX Bottom-Up / Top-Down AOI systemThe Mek SpectorBOX modular AOI systems have long been optimized for the inspection of THT components to identify defects such as presence/absence, wrong polarity, color, type, and bent pins.  And now, the unique top clearance of 130mm (5.12”) allows the Top-Down SpectorBOX to inspect virtually any completed electronic and  – even when the tallest of components are present.

The SpectorBOX modules can be equipped with 8 wide field of view side cameras in addition to top view camera on the FWAz optical unit.  Its large pixel (18,8μ2) capturing sensor delivers smooth and detailed images with great dynamic range.

Its Z-Axis adjustable optical head can adapt to any PCB thickness, and automatically compensates for warpage. The highly reliable text and polarity inspection on tall components enables the inspection of complex, completed assemblies without the need for fixtures or multiple inspections.

The addition of 8 simultaneously operating multiplexed angular side cameras which are  available for the FWAz model, facilitate active automatic inspection, classification and repair, as the system displays and also stores 9  brilliantly clear defect review angles in full color.

This new configuration effectively complements Mek’s THT Bottom-Up Modular AOI – a system that can be conveniently positioned at any conveyor location. Typically, bottom side PCB inspection requires flipping units combined with a standalone inline AOI. The slim design of the Bottom-Up SpectorBOX instead allows it to be positioned below existing return and/or feed conveyors, saving space and money.

A cost effective way to combine Bottom-Up and/or Top-Down inspections is provided by the Nutek Main Frame, a turnkey solution that enables simple integration of one or two SpectorBOX systems into a production line.  Built for flexibility, it can be configured to the output of any wave or selective soldering system. The ergonomic design is optimized for operators to have eye-height monitors as well as wrist height keyboard and mouse control. This makes operation easy in a standing or seated position, even when dual SpectorBOXes are in use via double monitor configuration. A manual mode allows for smooth offline programming preparation.

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R.H. Technologies now running eleven Mek AOI systems

R.H Technologies celebrates with Mek following the order for a further 2 AOI systemsMek (Marantz Business Electronics), has recently announced the installation of its tenth and eleventh AOI system at RH Technologies.  The Israel headquartered EMS provider recently commissioned two new PowerSpector FDAz in-line AOI systems, complementing the existing 9 Mek systems.

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Facing the Challenges of THT Inspection

SpectorBOX - bottom up AOI inspectionThe deployment of AOI technology for THT inspection has historically been restricted by a number of factors. These include the physical configuration of most wave and selective soldering lines, which do not lend themselves to conventionally designed AOI machines that are now popular in SMT flow lines. Product is processed in pallets moving on a continuous drive with automatic return on which the inspection must take place.
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Simultaneous Top & Bottom PCB inspection addresses growing new needs in electronic assembly.

SpectorBOX - bottom up AOI inspectionInline Bottom side PCB Inspection with up to 9 cameras, configurable to simultaneous Top & Bottom PCB inspection with up to 18 cameras addresses growing new needs in electronic assembly. 

Emerging trends in printed circuit board assembly, in particular high power automotive electronics, present an increasing requirement for automated inspection of THT.  Rework is increasingly forbidden, pressurizing selective and wave soldering yields, and making AOI the solution of choice.

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PKC Group purchases Mek AOI

Mek ( Marantz Electronics Ltd), has installed an iSpector AOI system within PKC Group in Finland.  In association with Mek partner, SMT House, the manufacturer recently commissioned an iSpector HDL350 at its Raahe site in Finland.

PKC designs and manufactures electrical distribution systems, wire & cables, wiring components and electronics predominantly for the commercial vehicle, automotive and electronics industries. With 19,759 employees globally the Group’s net sales amounted to EUR 928.2 million in 2012. The Electronics division,  headquartered in Raahe, offers flexible prototype and customised low volume, high mix production services.
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New AOI at Productronica

It’s a busy time of year as another Productronica approaches. The show in Munich, Germany takes place next week and here at Mek we look forward to meeting existing customers as well as plenty of new ones and to introducing them to our brand new range of AOI equipment with the FDAz head.

The PowerSpector FDAz is designed for solder quality inspection and engineered for the reliable inspection of everything related to solder; Excess, insufficient, missing.  Shorts and lifted leads of SOT, SO, QFP, THTs and chips. It inspects SMT component bodies for presence/absence, type, polarity, offset.

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