ISO-Spector SL510

3D Inline
& Imaging AOI

ISO-Spector full 3D AOI

ISO-Spector SL510 Inline Full 3D Metrological & Imaging AOI

Mek ISO-Spector SL510 is a full 3D inline AOI system designed for large board sizes. The system delivers ‘true measurement’ for the full inspection of components and solder joints on PCBs of maximum dimensions of 510 x 460mm (20.1″ x 18.1″).

It is able to inspect the world’s smallest chip size of 008004 (50% of 01005”).

ISO-Spector SL510 features full profile simultaneous 2D and 3D inspection while maintaining high inspection speed using a patented sensor technology. The image capturing sensor has a massive 12 Mega Pixel resolution with optical fibre interface. Accurate height measurement is achieved by using two (front & rear) close to vertical, high energy, high-end violet lasers. These lasers, combined with proprietary algorithms, result in elimination of blind spots (shadow) and the effect of reflecting objects. Warped PCB’s up to 4 mm (160 mils) are compensated for on the fly by the Z-axis and complex compensation algorithms.

Unlike other methods of height measurement, ISO-Spector technology enables inspection of heights up to 30 mm (1.2”). With the combination of the high energy laser and the immensely high shutter speed of the capturing sensor, the effect of any vibration is completely absorbed. Generally, the random vibrations produced by Pick & Place machines in operation affect the accuracy and repeatability of height measurement systems when they are operating simultaneously. Capturing sensors of conventional systems with low energy fringe projections, have (short) shutter speeds that are similar to the speed of the vibrations of the placement units. This results in blurry images and therefore inaccurate and non-repeatable results during production.

Unique for these type of inspection systems, the ISO-Spector SL510 can be programmed and debugged offline using the offline programming and debugging stations.

The ISO-Spector SL510 3D AOI system is ergonomically designed and operated via a full touch screen.

ISO-Spector integrates fully with the FIBER system for classification, repair, traceability and SPC.