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Desktop AOI

iSpector desktop AOI

Entry Level iSpector Desktop AOI

The latest generation Mek iSpector desktop AOI is designed as an entry-level system for customers with low volume, high mix production requiring high-quality AOI with a low price tag.


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Providing a rapid and repeatable inspection process, at an affordable cost, the entry-level AOI system combines high performance and the lowest cost of ownership. It is fast to install with the help of the iMentor online training and is exceptionally easy-to-program.

Powered by the EK inspection engine for quality inspection of solder joints

The iSpector EK inspection engine is designed for customers for whom value for money is a priority.

iSpector is able to inspect component bodies and solder joints by use of RGB LED light sources from three different angles.

It reliably inspects SMT component bodies for presence/absence, type, polarity, offset, text, colours etc. and components solder fillets for excessive, insufficient or no solder, shorts, lifted leads etc. Suitable for use in pre reflow, post reflow, post wave and post selective soldering, it can also be used for first article inspection.

With its high resolution USB3 Vision interface top camera, defects become easily visible from the top. There 18.75µ per pixel lenses depending on the smallest component placed on the assembled PCB’s. The RGB from different angles create a detailed profile of solder menisci, which combine to a white like source for the surface of the components.

iSpector utilizes the same powerful 22X software that is used in the PowerSpector series. There is no compromise on the wide range of inspection algorithms and component libraries.

It is fully compatible with Mek’s Catch System for classification, repair and SPC.

The Mek iSpector is currently available in M size (350x250mm) and desktop model only.