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Conformal coating inspection, (CCI) is an essential stage of the conformal coating process and yet one that very few companies undertake, aside from a brief manual visual inspection.

Manual inspection is an extremely difficult job due to factors such as eye strain and concentration drift, while slow throughput makes it economically challenging...

The Solution

Mek automated CCI systems for automatic inspection of conformal coatings and defect detection see more than an operator ever could and make conformal coat inspection fast, simple and cost efficient.

Drawing on many years of experience in AOI, the iSpector JUz, is the ultimate solution for reliable conformal coating inspection.

Most Conformal Coating includes a UV florescent dye, typically in the 365 to 405nm range. UV light causes the coating to fluoresce which highlights discrepancies, contamination or process issues.
Used after manual spray, automatic spray and dip coating applications, the system inspects the PCB and components and identifies coating issues including missing coating, bubbles, insufficient thickness, voids, coating in areas where not wanted and other common contaminations.
Unique algorithms and dedicated strategies allow easy and fast programming with high detection coverage.
Available as Desktop, Inline and modular SpectorBOX.

Find out more about iSpector JUz, Mek’s fully integrated CCI inspection system.

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