ISO-Spector S1 Mk II - SPI


The Future
Beyond 3D
Solder Paste

5D Solder Paste Inspection Systems

Mek 5D solder paste inspection systems (SPI) are designed to monitor and control one of the most critical steps affecting the finished quality of printed circuit boards (PCBs).

Solder paste deposition is the key process in board assembly operations and modern electronics manufacturing trends are increasingly abandoning costly repairs in favour of prevention through improved process control.

Research has identified that over 60% of end of line defects can be traced back to printing errors. Intercepting these defects before they happen reduces rework costs, provides instant yield improvement and accelerates return on investment.

Mek ISO-Spector S1 Mk II  is a new breed of powerful process control tool, which enables manufacturers to quickly and easily tune and adjust their print process. Incorporating patented new sensor technology and simultaneously combining 3D and 2D image processing methodologies Mek 5D post-print solder paste inspection systems deliver defect detection beyond that previously possible.